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Do the United States' public policies adequately address depression treatment?

DR. CHARLES NEMEROFF: And this was a 21 year-old man who also had terrible depression. And they would not pay for his antidepressant. And he eventually committed suicide. And so here's a good example of somebody whose life was saved from a cancer, who then committed suicide because his particular plan didn't cover mental health services or reimbursement for medicine.

So clearly, um, one of the issues here is a public policy issue. And this is getting more and more acute for several reasons, not the least of which is, the fact that trauma is associated with an increased risk for depression and anxiety disorders, um, is significant because we're seeing a lot of soldiers coming home now from the war. And the difference between this war and other wars is there were a lot of folks that were in the reserves that really weren't professional soldiers. And so we're seeing a higher than expected, um, incidence of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and other disorders associated with particular risk for suicide. So we really need to, uh, be attentive to these individuals coming home.

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