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Chapter 12: Final Thoughts [4:51]

The Satows work to prevent suicide on college campuses.. Support from loved ones can aid treatment.

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Transcript: Chapter 12 - Final Thoughts

DR. SHERWIN NULAND: (VO, FOOTAGE OF TREE) There's a lot of pain and a lot of suffering in this world. But you know something? It's also a beautiful world.

DR. SHERWIN NULAND: (OC) There are enormous rewards available to every one of us. And to cheat oneself of those rewards is unfair, not only to ourselves, but to everyone who really cares about us. And it's unfair to the world. I think we owe the world something. Part of repairing the world, part of making it better is to be better oneself.

NARRATION: (PHOTO OF JED SATOW) After losing their son to suicide at age 20, the Satows visited the president of his college in Arizona.

DONNA SATOW: (OC) We spoke to the president of his school who was a very intelligent and sensitive man. And he more or less looked at us and said, "You know, I have 38,000 students. What could I do-- What could I have done?" And we walked away saying, you know, this is what we have to do.

NARRATION: (DONNA SATOW AT DESK) The Satows launched the Jed Foundation nationwide to prevent suicide and promote mental health on college campuses.

NARRATION: (MTVU FOOTAGE AND WEB FOOTAGE) The foundation provides resources to over 1200 colleges and also partners with rock stars and college students in its MTVu, web campaign.

PHIL SATOW: (VO, DONNA SATOW AT DESK) One feels that you're helping others, at least you are doing something positive trying to, as a friend says, trying to create some sort of victory

PHIL SATOW: (OC) out of tragedy.

NARRATION: (FOOTAGE OF LAKE) The illness of depression is highly complex. It takes many shapes and requires just as many individualized approaches for its treatment.

NARRATION: (CANDLE FLAME TO ANDREW SOLOMON'S DINNER PARTY) For many living with depression including Andrew, friends and loved ones are strong medicine.

ANDREW SOLOMON: (VO, ANDREW SOLOMON'S DINNER PARTY) These experiences of darkness make the light more beautiful, that the pain of being acutely depressed allows you to experience an unbelievable happiness in every day when you aren't depressed and a sense that each of those days is a gift.

ANDREW SOLOMON: (OC) So that's the real message of hope, is that you can get better. And when you do get better, not that you'll look back on it with great longing, but you may look back on it and think, "I learned a lot by going through that. And I'm a better person because I did it."

NARRATION: (HART LIPTON DOING GRAFFITI ART) After five years, the Lipton family feels they have arrived at the right combination of medication and a supportive environment to keep Hart on an even keel.

JOSH LIPTON: (VO, HART LIPTON DOING GRAFFITI ART) I think in all of this, if we could just accept that this is real, that it's medical, and we share, you know, the reality--- and de-stigmatize the illness,

JOSH LIPTON: (OC) we could probably cure it faster.

JOSH LIPTON: (VO, HART LIPTON DOING GRAFFITI ART) What's Hart like this fall compared to last year, compared to the year before? And in the longer view he's doing great. He's doing more and better and he's feeling better and he's taking on more.

HART LIPTON: (VO, HART LIPTON DOING GRAFFITI ART) I've had a number of people ask me if they can pay me to paint pieces, just, in their house and on cars and stuff. And - that's something. At my age I would say,

HART LIPTON: (OC) there is probably a lot coming, that I have to look forward to.

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