FAT: What No One Is Telling You
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FAT: What No One Is Telling You + Take One Step for Your Family's Health  

Resources For Managing Obesity

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Do you want to learn more about healthy eating and fun physical activity? Download these FAT: What No One Is Telling resource sheets, courtesy of our national outreach partner America On the Move. These facts and real-life suggestions will help you as you create healthier tomorrows for your family, your community, and yourself.

100 Ways to Add 2000 Steps (PDF, 500k)
100 Ways to Eat Healthier (PDF, 496k)
100 Ways to Surround Your Family with Success (PDF, 632k)
Activity Converted to Steps - Adult (PDF, 184k)
Activity Converted to Steps - Children (PDF, 256k)
Quick Steps: Using a Step Counter (PDF, 212k)
Tracking Your Progress with America On the Move (PDF, 332k)

Check out more information on healthy eating and physical activity by visiting America On the Move.

National Outreach Partner

America On the Move
America On the Move offers free, personalized online resources, interactive tools, community support, and fun events. Their message is "keep it simple." By making small, simple changes to your daily eating and activity choices, you can start building proven habits that will positively affect your weight and health.

Community Outreach Partner

YMCA of the USA
The YMCA works to help Americans of all ages meet their health and human service needs. Visit your local "Y" for family fun and fitness, or go online to learn more about the nation's largest not-for-profit community service organization in America.

General Online Information

Action for Healthy Kids
This non-profit focuses working with schools to help students eat healthily and get their required physical activity.

America Walks
America Walks gathers together a national coalition of local advocacy organizations that focus making America's communities more "walkable."

American Academy of Family Physicians
The American Academy of Family Physicians represents more than 94,000 family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students nationwide. This Web site offers these professionals resources to help strengthen local health care systems and improve their patients' well-being.

American Council on Exercise
The American Council on Exercise is a nonprofit organization committed to enriching quality of life through safe and effective physical activity. This Web site features up-to-date health and fitness information, exercise suggestions, and product assessments.

American Dietetic Association
The American Dietetic Association is the nation's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. This Web site features user-friendly tools and information on everything from the Food Guide Pyramid to daily requirement tip sheets.

American Obesity Association
The American Obesity Association is focused on changing public policy and perceptions about obesity, trying to move society to re-conceptualizing obesity as a disease and to fashioning appropriate strategies to deal with the epidemic. Childhood and adolescent obesity is of special concern.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
This go-to site offers general and current definitions and statistics, and features reliable links to other carefully "vetted" obesity Web sites.

Centers for Obesity Research and Education (C.O.R.E.)
The Centers for Obesity Research and Education (C.O.R.E.) offers health care providers the professional tools and information they need to best help their obese patients.

Columbia University Department of Surgery
This reputable academic site offers visitors current information about surgeries specific to obesity. Preparation and recovery information is also featured.

This physician-approved site offers pediatric health care information for a lay audience. Separate age-appropriate content is offered for kids, teens and parents.

National Association for Health and Fitness
NAHF is a nonprofit organization promoting physical fitness, sports, and healthy lifestyles. It features specific information on the State Governor's Councils on Physical Fitness and Sports for every state and U.S. territory.

Shaping America's Youth (SAY)
SAY's objective is to provide the latest and most comprehensive information on nationwide programs directed at increasing physical activity and improving nutrition in young Americans.

Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA)
https://healthimprovement.stanford.edu/ activate_america/ company_regist/ y_member_or_not.asp
Developed in partnership with Stanford School of Medicine's Health Improvement Program, YMCA of the USA encourages you to take a free online health assessment to help you understand your current health status and assist you in making choices about how to improve your overall health and well-being. This tool will provide you with a free report that you can print out and take to your local YMCA for ideas and assistance about improving your lifestyle health. (Registration is required.)

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