Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America
Take One Step: A PBS Health Campaign
Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America + Take One Step for a Healthy Heart with Larry King  

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As a Take One Step Campaign Affiliate for heart health, AARP is working with PBS to raise awareness for people age 50 and over about heart disease. Information about the Take One Step campaign and "The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America" documentary was shared to their 35 million members through print and web communications in January and February 2007. AARP author Sallie Foley ("Modern Love: A No-Nonsense Guide to a Life of Passion") also provides insight about sexual activity for heart attack survivors in the 30-minute panel, "Take One Step for a Healthy Heart with Larry King," which airs immediately after the 90-minute documentary.

YMCA Activate America

Activate America YMCA
YMCA of the USA joined PBS in 2007 as a Community Partner for Take One Step, offering event and DVD screening opportunities to its 2,617 facilities across America to host community-based heart healthy events and preview screenings. YMCA's local facilities, with more than 20 million members, can also work with their local PBS stations to raise awareness in under-served populations. The partnership also supports YMCA Activate America, a national initiative that is rallying YMCAs across the country to help children and adults discover and sustain healthier ways to live, especially those who struggle to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and/or their family.

America on the Move

America on the Move
As PBS' Resource Partner for the 2007 Take One Step campaign, America on the Move provides users with daily tips, tracking tools, and in-depth resources for Americans looking to take their first step toward improved heart health. America On the Move Foundation (AOM) is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to improve health and quality of life by promoting healthful eating and active living among individuals, families, communities and society. America on the Move also provides information about Take One Step to their network of health professionals and neighborhood, school, work, community, or faith-based groups.

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest magazine is PBS' Promotion Partner on the Take One Step campaign for heart health, working with Dr. Michael F. Roizen to promote public awareness of ten easy steps Americans can take for a healthier heart. These steps are featured in a series of audio Podcasts produced by Reader's Digest for distribution by PBS in conjunction with the Take One Step campaign, and are also featured in the February 2007 issue of Reader's Digest, reaching Reader's Digest Magazine's 10 million readers. Dr. Roizen also appears on the 30-minute panel, "Take One Step for a Healthy Heart with Larry King," which airs immediately following the 90-minute documentary.

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