Episode 4: Is Free Speech Alive and Well?

Premiered Friday, September 29

This weekPresident Trump demands the firing of NFL players who take the knee, college students rally against controversial speakers, and alt-right protesters call foul when charged with ‘hate speech’. What does all that say about the health of the First Amendment? Join the debate hosted by Carlos Watson with guests James Ihedigbo, Linda Sarsour, Tim Wu, and Emily Miller.

Final Poll Results

Question 1: after watching this week's debate about free speech, did your opinion change? Answers: Yes: 14%, No: 58%; No, but I understand the other side better: 28%. Question 2: Okay, so tell us: is free speech alive and well? Answers: Yes: 21%, No: 79%

Web Exclusive: Nadine Strossen and Flemming Rose on Free Speech

Carlos sits down with former ACLU president Nadine Strossen and Danish journalist Flemming Rose to get their take on the free speech debate.

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