Episode 6: Is Sexual Harassment Inevitable in the Workplace?

Premiered Friday, October 13

How common is sexual harassment in the workplace? This week, Hollywood mega mogul Harvey Weinstein is fired amid accusations of sexual impropriety and rape. His high profile personal case draws attention to other corporations embattled in sexual harassment dramas, from the fast food industry, to Wall Street, medicine, and even legal professions. And while most of these cases never make headlines, they do impact the women (and, in 17% of formal cases, men) involved. Join the debate hosted by Carlos Watson with guests Zerlina Maxwell, Hitha Herzog, Tomi-Ann Roberts, and Inez Feltscher.

Final Poll Results

Question 1: after watching this week's debate about sexual harassment, did your opinion change? Answers: Yes: 11%, No: 64%; No, but I understand the other side better: 25%. Question 2: Is sexual harassment inevitable in the workplace? Yes: 40%, No: 60%

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