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One of the few producers to work consistently for both NOVA and FRONTLINE, Palfreman was the logical choice to tackle a subject as complex and multifaceted as global warming. A veteran science producer for both British and American television, he has made over 30 PBS documentaries including the Peabody Award winning series, "The Machine that Changed the World," and the Emmy winning NOVA: "Siamese Twins"

In recent years, Palfreman has specialized in complex and controversial stories on the intersection of science, politics and law. These include: FRONTLINE: "Prisoners of Silence" (about autism); FRONTLINE: "The Nicotine War; " FRONTLINE: "Currents of Fear" ( about the alleged link between power lines and cancer); FRONTLINE: "Breast Implants on Trial" (the silicone implant controversy); FRONTLINE: "Nuclear Reaction" (a critical analysis of America's attitudes on nuclear energy); and FRONTLINE: "Last Battle of the Gulf War" (examining Gulf War Syndrome).

Palfreman graduated from University College, London with First Class Honors in Physics and has a MS in History and Philosophy of Science, Sussex University.

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