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Kimchi Craze

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If you’ve ever eaten Korean food, you’ve likely come face-to-face with the country’s national dish, kimchi. Like its German cousin sauerkraut, kimchi is made of fermented cabbage but with a unique kick of spices. In early Korean history, kimchi was made with beef stock; when new spices from the Americas were brought east, chili flakes were introduced into the process, resulting in kimchi’s signature red color. There are hundreds of variations on the traditional recipe, but one thing is true for most kimchi: the dish is notorious for its strong odor, a byproduct of the months-long fermentation process.

Phil and Martin Short dine on kimchi-fried rice from Chef Roy Choi's Pot, a dish that wins over Korean-food skeptic Martin. Roy Choi’s take on Korean and California cuisine is one of the many examples of the diverse food culture in Phil’s adopted hometown of Los Angeles. To enjoy the taste of Korea from the comfort of your kitchen, try out the recipes below!

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