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WOOF! Episode Descriptions

WOOF! It's a Dog's Life with Matthew Margolis
Season Two

Program 201
In the second season premiere of WOOF! It's a Dog's Life, dog trainer to the stars Matthew Margolis, aka "Uncle Matty," visits with a family that adopted Amber, an abused dog, who needs help adjusting to her new happy household. Uncle Matty also gets down to basics as he demonstrates the best way to leash-train a Basset Hound puppy; works to tame Gizmo, an adult Pekinese who's too big for his britches; and shows the best way to teach an old dog new tricks when he encourages a skittish pup Sandy to tackle a flight of stairs.

Program 202
Uncle Matty catches up with former boy-wonder Burt Ward of TV's Batman, who is now running a Great Dane Rescue — and living with about 90 of these gentle giants. Then, join Margolis in the kitchen as he demonstrates how to make nutritious and delicious doggie treats. Matty then gets down to basics with Days of our Lives star Lauren Koslow, who masters the "sit" command with the help of Sarge, her very patient Newfoundland; and then works with Molly, a shy 7-month-old Cavalier Spaniel puppy who isn't warming up to her new "dad."

Program 203
Uncle Matty deals with his biggest challenge yet — how to get the dogs of a new couple to get along. Will he be able to help this troubled love match? Margolis gets down to basics with Jag star Kerri Turner as he teaches the "stay" command with her Labrador Retriever, Maggie; demonstrates the important "corrective jerk" method of dog training; and helps singer Maureen McGovern with her two Yorkies, who can't stop bickering. Has Uncle Matty finally met his match? Watch as he takes on a troublesome Portuguese Water Dog who has a craving for the neighbor's newspaper.

Program 204
Getting just the right puppy can lead to a lifetime of happiness. Uncle Matty visits a litter of Mastiffs to demonstrate how to find the best personality for your family. Then, it's down to basics with actress Kelly Packard, as she learns the "heel" command with her English Bulldog, Dallas. Matty also helps one owner manage the destructive separation anxiety of Mila, her year-and-a-half-old Weimaraner; and shows how you can use a simple household spray water bottle to control the behavior of a highly techno-phobic pup.

Program 205
Uncle Matty heads out to the wilderness for a canine behavior lesson at Yellowstone National Park — where he comes face-to-face with a pack of wolves. Then, the Big Sky Mountain Ski Resort and Patrol in Montana shows just how heroic "man's best friend" can be with a group of avalanche rescue dogs trained with tips that you can use at home. A team of sled dogs gives Matty the ride of his life; and then he follows on the trail of "professional" Bloodhounds who use their keen sense of smell to track and find missing people.

Program 206
Uncle Matty pays a visit to Jennifer Nicholson, who has four dogs that just won't cohabitate but need to for the safety of her children. Margolis also helps a very protective dog recover from his grief since his owner's death. Matty gets down to basics with a Mastiff by using the "down" command; demonstrates the importance of good doggie dental hygiene; and reminds us all how every dog can become a good canine citizen by demonstrating a mock friendly-neighbor test with dogs of every conceivable breed.

Program 207
Record producer Arthur Brooks and his wife Marilyn are hesitant to discipline their aggressive Yorkie, even though it's already bitten "just a few" people. Maroglis shows them the best way to control their charming but difficult dog. Uncle Matty also goes beyond the basics to help Sammy, an anxious Bichon Frise, stop his incessant barking and obey his owner's commands. General Hospital's Brad Maule gets a prescription from Dr. Matty for the best house-breaking and jealousy remedies with his two warring dogs. A trip to a pet cemetery in Calabasas, California, shows the resting place for more than 40,000 pets and ways their owners deal with the grieving process.

Program 208
TV star Katie Heigl is having trouble with her two Schnauzers, Gus and Romeo, who are simply too aggressive. Uncle Matty helps diagnose the duo's behavior problems, and then demonstrates effective corrective techniques. Margolis then gets down to basics with Jodie, whose dog Freddie can't be controlled on a leash. Will the pup finally yield and make Uncle Matty proud? Next up, get tips from a canine chiropractor on how to keep your dog happy and healthy. Finally, Matty visits the Drummond Ranch in California to show how your dog can learn to wrangle up a group of sheep.

Program 209
Uncle Matty pays an inspirational visit to TV host Mark Decarlo, whose dog, a cancer survivor, is not only recouping but is now learning new tricks. Becker's Shawnee Smith has two pups that are well-behaved at home but don't play as well when it comes to socializing. Using love, praise and affection, Matty helps put them back in their "place." Margolis also spends some time with some well-behaved Golden Retrievers to discuss the basics of training. WOOF! then goes behind the scenes at a very special course presented at LA's Salvation Army, where Matt gives people a "new leash on life" by teaching how to become expert dog trainers.

WOOF! It's a Dog's Life with Matthew Margolis
Season One

Program 101
Uncle Matty demonstrates a personality test he uses to help future owners choose their new best pal; getting down to basics, Matty reveals techniques for leash-breaking puppies and gives basic training tips to a group of dogs and their "parents." In his California kennel, Matthew talks about the personality types of specific dog breeds and later transforms Roger Clinton's dog Bear into a "protective pussy cat."

Program 102
Uncle Matty heads to the Humane Society of New York to offer his tips on adopting the right dog; he also gives a Weimaraner puppy, Greta, a lesson in basics of housebreaking. Then, a group of dog owners in Central Park are treated to a problem solving session with the expert. Back at the kennel, Matthew continues his segment on dog breeds and personalities. Finally, special guests Air Bud, the famous basketball wonder dog/movie star, and his owner/trainer Kevin Dicicco demonstrate a few of the tricks of their trade.

Program 103
Uncle Matty visits a Massachusetts-based Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, where he not only dramatically demonstrates the clear differences in personality within a single breed, but how personality affects the training. Next, see how Matthew's buddies are getting in shape — from their heads to their tails — at the All Dogs Gym in Manchester, New Hampshire. Later, ER actors Ellen Crawford and husband Michael Genovese turn to Uncle Matty for an emergency training session. Finally, Matthew helps TV star T.C. Warner put an end to unwanted "little gifts" by developing a housebreaking routine for her pup.

Program 104
Comedian Fred Travalena finds his Poodle's teething problem is no laughing matter and gets a helping hand from Margolis; Matty encounters a headstrong Basset Hound named Archie unable to master the command "down," and in New York City, a group of dog owners learn how to get their dogs to "come" when called. Special guest and Hollywood dog trainer Joel Silverman, who has trained dogs for the movie Back to the Future and the TV series Empty Nest, gives us the scoop on what it takes to transform Rover into a celluloid star. Silverman's own dog, Duke, is on hand to "proudly" demonstrate the tips.

Program 105
Uncle Matty works out a "sibling" rivalry when a new six-week-old Golden Retriever pup is adopted by the owner of two huge and very playful Newfoundlands; class is in session with a group of eager students in San Francisco learning the proper techniques for the corrective jerk. Back at the kennel, Matty shows how to determine your puppy's potential for learning and learns a thing or two himself about the Red Cross's pioneering First Aid for dogs. Finally, with the help of comedian Fred Travalena and his wife Lois, Matty sinks his teeth into the issue of doggy treats — how to make them and when to give them.

Program 106
WOOF! goes to jolly old England where Uncle Matty finds training dogs is the same the world over. Watch as Matty shows a lively group how to teach and praise a pooch who comes when called. Next, Matty gets a few health tips from a veterinary surgeon who performs a puppy's first check-up; and Margolis runs with the big boys while visiting with Northern England's herding dogs, and provides insight into how to find your dog's true calling.

Program 107
Uncle Matty and Mordecai Siegal, president of the Dog Writer's Association of America take us to the mother of all dog shows — the Westminster Dog Show in New York City — the best place to browse the breeds. Later, Matty teaches "heeling" and "healing" with a shy Akita puppy learning to walk and an examination of acupuncture for dogs. WOOF! also shows how to dish out proper nutrition — Matty meets a woman who swears her Dalmation, Simon, steals food right out from under her nose, and answers some canine culinary questions.

Program 108
WOOF! features a Summer Fun Survival Guide. Uncle Matty shows actress Shannon Doherty how to tame her three very large dogs so she can take them on the road. Next, Matty explains the proper planning techniques for safe car travel and examines the hazards of beaching it with Fido. Margolis also gets the inside story on air travel from the folks at Delta Airlines, and explores separate vacations: finding peace of mind and a good dog walker for Spot.

Program 109
Timed to air around National Dog Bite Week, Margolis tackles the problem of biting and aggression head on in a show devoted to this critical issue. Matty answers an emergency call from a woman whose Spaniel is out of control; pays a house-call to a new mother who worries about the safety of her baby with her jealous dog; and examines a snippy little Poodle whose aggression is the result of bad breeding. Finally, Uncle Matty dramatically demonstrates the difference between a protective and aggressive dog.

Program 110
Get your puppy off on the right psychological paw with a puppy class; join Uncle Matty at the Riverside Veterinary Group in New York City, where Matty learns about the benefits of acupuncture for dogs; Matty asks one owner the profound question "To dig or not to dig?" and goes in search of a unique way to bond with your dog — singing lessons with veteran dog trainer Captain Arthur Haggerty and the Advantage Best Singing Pet Finale. And the winner is ... tune in to find out.

Program 111
Matthew tackles the problems of a distressed owner whose arm was pulled out of the socket by "Teddy Bear," a dog who doesn't live up to his gentle name; next stop, Framingham, MA where veterinarian Anita Migday gives viewers tips on various flea treatment and prevention options; Uncle Matty and kennel director Sherry Davis share dog grooming tips on everything from cleaning ears to polishing toes; and finally, Matthew provides a number of recreation alternatives for a family whose dog likes to chase cars in traffic.

Program 112
Matthew takes viewers through the life cycle of a dog. His first visit is to a couple who bought a new puppy after their senior dog passed away, but forgot just how much work a young dog can be. Next, Matthew joins Angell Memorial Hospital radiation oncologist Dr. Sheri Siegel to discuss new high-tech treatments for dogs with serious injuries or illnesses; Matthew also teaches a class of owners how to get their dogs to "stay," and meets a woman who has a "fetching" relationship with her dog. Finally, Matthew shows how to dish out proper nutrition, and answers such puzzling culinary questions as: Wet versus dry? How much is enough?

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