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WOOF! It's a Dog's Life with Matthew Margolis

Hold on to your leashes! -- "Uncle Matty" returns to demonstrate all the best ways to live happily every after with your favorite four-legged friends!

Premiering on PBS Monday, December 9 at 9:30am ET (check local listings), the second season of WOOF! provides tools, ideas, demonstrations and advice to keep both owners and dogs on their best behavior. WOOF! is both entertaining and educational — giving behind-the-scenes access to real people and unrehearsed behavior while showing straightforward methods used to develop the very best pup protocol.

"Uncle Matty" takes viewers through a wide-range of persistent pooch problems plaguing everyday dog owners and even your favorite Hollywood stars. Using his trademark technique of "love, praise and affection," Margolis gives these eager students the step-by-step methods needed to understand and correct their canine behavior problems. From leash-training a loveable Bassett Hound pup to teaching a headstrong Bull Mastiff the "down" command, Uncle Matty infuses humor, insight and proper technique into all of his lessons.

"Dogs truly are man's best friend, but people can easily become overwhelmed by their desire to understand canine behavior and apply the best training techniques," says Matthew. "In many cases, I am working with the owners as much as the dogs, with the idea of taking away the mystery behind the methods. Using a little bit of humor and a lot of love, owners can see for themselves how easy it is to bridge the communication gap and have a lot of fun with your pets in the process."

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WOOF! It's a Dog's Life is produced for PBS by WGBH Boston. Executive Producer is Laurie Donnelly. Matthew Margolis is series host. National sponsorship is provided by Ellyn Bye. Additional funding provided by public television viewers.

Season Two of WOOF! is closed-captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers by The Caption Center at WGBH.

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