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I thought I was bringing home a quiet and calm dog. Since the the rascal has been home he has been anything but quiet. Is there any right way to pick out a quiet dog?

Cats have their own litter-box and cleaning up after them is quick and easy. Is it possible to train a dog to use a litter-box?

My little dog is skittish around strangers? What should I do?

My wife and I are expecting a baby. How will our two dogs react?

I have a good dog, except for one problem: he doesn't come when I call him. What should I do?

I have told my friend many times, since my dog is so small, it doesn't need any training. What do you think?

I am thinking about getting married, but my boyfriend's dog and my dog don't get along. What should I do?

My dog seems lonely and I thought getting her a companion to keep her company would be a good idea. What do you think?

I am planning on getting a small dog, but he will be in my apartment all day. Should I paper train the dog?

My neighbor keeps telling me how much smarter his pure-bred golden retriever is than my old, faithful, mutt. Is he really smarter?

I saw the greatest puppy at the local mall and fell in love with it. My husband says those dogs are not healthy. Is my husband right?

A small dog would be a little easier for me to manage, but I've heard they are harder to housebreak. Is this true?

My dog likes to jump on me and my wife when we come home. How can I stop this behaviour?

My dog behaves quite differently on and around a full moon: he barks, he seems nervous and wants to go for a walk at all hours of the night.Do you have any idea why he would behave this way?

My dog doesn't seem to like men.Is there anything we can do to have the dog relax around men and is this a common problem?

When I leave the house my dog goes completely crazy and tears things up. Why is my dog freaking out every time I leave the house?

If my dog doesn't quit barking at night, I might get evicted.What can I do?

I want a small dog and my friends tell me small dogs are for girls. Is that true?

My dog is always trying to escape from my backyard. What should I do?

My roommate thinks we should paper-train the dog and I don't. Can you give us some advice?

My dog is not neutered and I am trying to decide what to do -- the idea of this type of operation makes me a little uneasy. Should I neuter my dog?

We all want the pups to have good homes. So how do I know a good owner when I see one?

Charlie has bitten my grandson and the young man is now afraid of my dog. What can I do to make Charlie less aggressive?
My dog has been digging holes all over the backyard, sometimes in a frenzy. She seems healthy, but this frantic digging is scary. What has happened to her?

I have a new puppy and I want to start off on the right foot. She needs to know I am the most important thing in her life. How do I make sure my dog is bonded to me?
I am getting ready for a vacation to Hawaii and I want to make sure my dog has good care while I'm gone. This is the first time I have used a kennel. Can you give me some tips for choosing a temporary residence for my best pal?
My dog he eats his own stool. Obviously this is offensive when company is around, but it also makes his breath smell terrible. What should I do?

I heard that in one of your books, you printed a very touching letter that your son wrote after his dog passed away. Our family just lost our 13-year-old dog, and so I was hoping I could show that letter to my 9-year-old son as a way of comforting him. Would it be possible for you to reprint that letter?

The questions presented in this section are commonly-asked questions. Unfortunately, Matthew is unavailable to answer any additional questions at this time.

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