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I hesitate to write you about this, but I am equally hesitant to invite friends over for fear of them seeing my dog's behavior. It is a disgusting problem and embarrassing.

The problem is he eats his own stool. Obviously this is offensive when company is around, but it also makes his breath smell terrible. What should I do?

I understand your urgency to find a solution to this stomach-turning behavior. First thing to do is find out if this is a medical problem. Your dog may have some kind of parasite or worms causing your dog to behave this way.

The problem may reside in your dog's eating habits. If he doesn't get enough food or eats too fast, he may eating the droppings to get the nutrients he needs. Check with your veterinarian about proper diet for your dog.

Another possibility is your dog may be trying to get rid of the evidence when he knows better than go to the bathroom indoors.

So what can you do? Check your dogs diet first of all, then as a last resort you could pick up some "Adolf's Meat Tenderizer" in the spice section of your local grocery store. Sprinkle a little of this product on your dog's food and it will make his stool taste unappealing. I think one of these suggestions will help get rid of your dog's nasty habit.


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