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I recently moved from upstate New York to southern California. The move has been fine, except for one small problem with my dog, Pepper. She has been digging holes all over the backyard, sometimes in a frenzy. She seems healthy, but this frantic digging is scary. What has happened to her?

Pepper's digging might seem odd to you, but it shouldn't be something that frightens you. We can probably rule out buried treasure or buried anything for that matter. It is more likely she is responding to her new climate.

San Diego is a hotter climate than upstate New York and Pepper is trying to stay cool. She is digging to uncover some cool ground to lie down in. It may not be a habit you like, but it is probably an effective way to beat the heat.

You can make it easier on yourself and Pepper if you provide her some shelter from the sun. The southern California heat can be hard to take, especially if you are coming from a cooler climate. If you have a garage, the cement floor would be a good place for her to stay cool or you could get a little plastic wading pool that could double as a drinking dish and cooling off place.

Remember, you have air conditioning, your dog does not! So keep Pepper "cool" and her digging will probably stop.


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