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I have a problem. I bought a beautiful little puppy last year at the local pet store and he has been a great companion. Recently, "Charlie" has run into a problem; he's afraid of strangers and now he showed aggression toward my grandchildren.

Charlie has bitten my grandson and the young man is now afraid of my dog. What can I do to make Charlie less aggressive.

You may not want to hear this, but I'm afraid you are not going to be able to completely trust your dog around children. It really is too late to eliminate the problem.

I think you are expecting more of Charlie than he can deliver. I must admit, I am a little surprised you let him around your grandchildren knowing he can be aggressive toward strangers.

If your dog goes through a training program, it would still be risky to trust him with your grandchildren. A dog that has bitten a child once has the potential to do it again.

I would advise you to get your dog some help as soon as possible, but don't expect a total change of personality. It appears you have two choices: first, you can look for a professional trainer who will give Charlie intensive one-on-one training, or you may just decide your dog can never around your grandchildren. Regardless of what you decide to do, please don't leave Charlie alone with your grandkids.


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