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We recently had a litter of pups and find ourselves a bit overwhelmed. There are eight new puppies and we plan on giving most, it not all, of the puppies away.

What should we look for in prospective owners? We all want the pups to have good homes, so how do I know a good owner when I see one?

You are wise to be concerned about finding homes for the puppies. When you meet new owners you need to get as much information about them as possible. Also, now is the time to be thinking about having the mother spay, so you will not face this unexpected dilemma a second time.

Ask the new owners a few questions: Have they owned dogs before? Do they have any children? Why do they want a dog? Do they really have time to care for a dog? Do they consider physical punishment necessary? Tell them you require the spay and neutering of the pups and ask them how they plan to train the pups.

It is also important to make sure they understand how much money a dog can cost. The expenses will add up quickly: food, toys, veterinary care and more.

The more questions you ask, the clearer you will be about what kind of environment your puppy is headed for in its new home. You want a home that is healthy, happy and safe for the dog. It is a good idea to give the new owners a dog-training book to insure they have the information they need to properly raise the pup.

If you take your time with the new owners, you will be more confident your pups will have a bright and happy future


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