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My roommate and I are having an argument over our new puppy. My roommate thinks we should paper-train the dog and I don't. I feel that once the dog learns to go to the bathroom inside, he might not want to go outside. I think we are teaching him bad habits by paper-training him. My roommate and I cannot stop fighting over this issue. Can you give us some advice?

It is wise to paper-train small dogs that are going to stay small. Your dog might be easy to paper-train now, but you will have a mess on your hands when he gets bigger. You are right about the difficulty in housebreaking a dog once it is paper-trained. Your roommate is wrong. Paper-training now and housebreaking later is not going to work. Your dog is going to get mixed messages if this keeps up.

I also want to address a problem that is even more serious for your pet. Your new dog should not be "one more thing" you and your roommate argue about. This type of environment is not going to do your puppy any good. If you and your roommate continue to argue over the right way to train your dog, the dog is going to get conflicting messages and not be the dog you want.

You and your roommate should have a serious discussion about who will be responsible for training the dog. Which one of you is going to make sure the dog is healthy and happy?


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