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If my dog doesn't quit barking at night, I might get evicted. One of the neighbors suggested I give the dog a tranquilizer to help the dog sleep at night. I'm not crazy about this idea, but I don't feel as though I have many options. If I keep the dog in the house he will make a "mess," and if the dog does not quit disturbing my neighbors, they are going to talk to the landlord. What can I do?

I don't think your dog has a barking problem. Dogs are suppose to bark, especially at night when they hear noises. If you are going to get tranquilizers, don't give them to the dog, give them to your neighbor. The tranquilizers would not be effective and it would be a mistreatment of your pet. You need to approach the problem from another angle.

The only way you can guarantee the dog does not bark at night is to keep him indoors. If this makes you uncomfortable because the pet is not housebroken, then it is time to deal with the real problem. I suggest you buy a good dog book, one that will help you properly housebreak your dog and address some basic obedience commands.

If you spend some quality time on this project, you will eventually have a well-trained pet and happy neighbors.


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