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I have a difficult problem with my dog, Lucky. When I leave the house he goes completely crazy and tears things up. If I put him outside, he jumps the fence and runs all around the neighborhood. He manages this by jumping on top of his doghouse and leaping over the fence.

Why is my dog freaking out every time I leave the house? Is it some kind of separation anxiety or just a nut case of a dog? Is there anything I can do, short of getting rid of the Lucky?

Your dog sounds like a pretty smart pooch, but I think you can probably outsmart him. The first thing you need to do is move the dog house away from the fence so it doesn't provide Lucky a launching pad for his neighborhood jaunts. Your dog running loose is dangerous, so let's get rid of this problem.

It's not a problem of separation anxiety so much as a discomfort your dog feels without you around the house. By leaving Lucky alone, you unknowingly are leaving her in a unfamiliar situation resulting in his nasty habits of tearing the place apart.

One thing you might try is leaving the blinds open so Lucky can see outside when you're not around. Maybe he is feeling claustrophobic in the dark and that only makes his discomfort more severe. Also, when you leave don't make a big deal out of your departure. Lucky will get excited, full of energy and no one to share it with, then she tears up the furniture and everything else in the place.

Here are a few suggestions. Play down the fact you are leaving the house, leave the blinds open and put away the breakables. In time, Lucky will understand that on occasion he will have to be alone.


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