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My dog doesn't seem to like men. He loves to play with me, but he runs when my husband comes in the room. We found the dog at a shelter a couple of years ago and he hasn't improved. Is there anything we can do to have the dog relax around men and is this a common problem?

Yes, this is a common problem and the dog was probably raised by a woman who, for whatever reason, had to get rid of the dog. When you brought the dog home, he naturally attached to you, the female in the house. It is a mistake to believe the dog has been abused by men, he is just unable to make the social adjustment to men, at this point. The same thing can happen with a dog that is not used to being around children; he doesn't know how to relate to them.

To solve the problem your husband needs to take an active role in feeding and training the dog. Take him for walks and give him treats. It would be good for your husband to be alone with the dog for a week or so, if possible. If you put the dog in this situation, where he has no choice but to relate to your husband , you can quickly modify his behavior.


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