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I have a great dog. He is a well-behaved, house-broken, 7-year-old. I always keep him indoors at night and he is not a problem, except for one unusual habit, that worries me. He behaves quite differently on and around a full moon: he barks, he seems nervous and wants to go for a walk at all hours of the night. Maybe I have seen too many Lon Chaney, Jr. movies. Do you have any idea why he would behave this way?

Unless you dog is up on his hind legs and growing fangs, I wouldn't worry too much about the werewolf theory.

Who knows why your dog behaves this way? I would be curious to know if other viewers have had similar experiences. Your dog can hear five-times better than we can. What is total silence to us may sound like all kinds of neighborhood activity to him. The only explanation I can think of is that your dog hears unusual nocturnal noises on those full-moon nights. He wants to go out and see what's going on.


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