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I am having trouble deciding if I should get a big dog or a small one. A small dog would be a little easier for me to manage, but I've heard they are harder to housebreak. Is this true?

Yes, for the most part, small dogs are harder to train. Although, the problem is usually the attitude of the owner toward the small pet, not the pet itself.

When a small dog has an accident, it's a small mess and many owners are more forgiving -- they clean it up and forget it happened. If a German Shepherd decides to have an accident in the middle of the living room floor, chances are good the owner will make a sincere effort to solve the problem.

There are of course physical differences between small and large dogs. A small dog generally has less bladder control and this means they have to go to the bathroom more often.

If you get a small dog there are some important things to remember. You should begin housebreaking the pet early, do not paper train first and most important, stick with the program. The more lenient you are, the longer it will take you to train the dog properly.


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