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I saw the greatest puppy at the local mall and fell in love with it. My husband says those dogs are not healthy and we should look elsewhere. The pup looks okay, so I'm not convinced there is a problem. Is my husband being too cautious?

Your husband is right. You are taking a risk if you buy a dog from a commercial pet store. There could be health problems as well as behavioral problems. With a pet store puppy, you have no lineage information and you don't know under what conditions the dog was raised. I'm sure you have heard stories of "puppy mills" -- places that mass produce animals for pet stores, with no regard for the puppies' health or happiness.

If you cannot get guarantees from the pet store about where it gets the dogs, you might have better luck going to a breeder or a kennel, where you can see how the animals are raised. By spending a small amount of time, I am sure you can find someone that has a puppy just as cute and lovable as the one at the pet store.

It is not a good idea to buy a pet on impulse. You risk making a mistake you will have to live with for a long, long time.


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