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I have one obnoxious neighbor. He will not stop telling me how much smarter his pure-bred golden retriever is than my old, faithful, mutt. Of course his dog cost more than mine, but what does that mean? Is he really smarter? I need some proof that this weirdo doesn't know what he is talking about.

Let me guess -- before this guy started talking about your dog, was he talking about your lawn? The size of your car? This doesn't sound like a dog problem, it sounds more like an ego problem.

There are no statistics stating a purebred dog is smarter than a non-purebred dog. In fact, it is widely known that some mixed breeds are healthier than pure breeds. Of course, there are dogs bred for a specific task or duty -- herding, hunting -- and they are generally more efficient at those tasks than dogs not bred for that purpose.

Unless your neighbor is talking about how his retriever can fetch sticks better than your mutt, then his argument is not valid. It is not based on any fact. In terms of friendship, companionship, intelligence and love, there is no difference between purebred and mixed breed. We're all mutts...aren't we?


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