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I am planning on getting a small dog, but he will be in my apartment all day. I do not have the time to come home and walk him at lunch. Should I paper train the dog?

Unless you want your dog to consider the entire apartment his own bathroom, you should begin paper training as soon as the dog arrives at home. Because the dog is little, the mess will be small. Obviously, if you tried to paper train a German shepherd, the problem would be a little more difficult.

Here are some things you should remember when paper training your dog. Put the paper in one spot in the apartment. If you designate more than one place, it will only confuse the dog. You should pick a spot that has a hard surface, like linoleum or tile. Also consider that a female may be a better choice because as males get older they "lift their leg".

Cover a large area of the floor with paper. Every time the dog goes to the bathroom, take the soiled sheet, put a clean one underneath it, and put it in one spot. The dog will go back to the smell. In time, you can begin removing the outer sheets of paper until only the designated spot remains. Presto! A paper-trained dog.


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