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I am thinking about getting a second dog. My dog seems lonely and I thought getting her a companion to keep her company would be a good idea. What do you think?

When you leave for work in the morning your dog looks at you with those sad eyes and droopy head and you feel terrible, right? The truth is, your dog doesn't really need another companion-you are plenty of company.

If you feel you have to get another dog, make sure it is of the opposite sex. Same-sex dogs will often fight over their turf, food or possessions. You don't want to come home to a battle zone.

Some of the readers may be thinking about getting two dogs at the same time - don't. It's not a good idea because the dogs will not have a chance to bond and socialize with people and they will end up spending most of their time together. If you want two dogs, buy them separately and a few months apart.

If you think your dog is lonely when you are not home, leave the television on, or the radio - do something instead of going out and getting another animal. I am sure your dog will be happy to see you and not be hanging his head when you come home.


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