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I have a good dog, except for one problem: he doesn't come when I call him. He looks at me with this puzzled expression and runs the other way. I yell at him and when I catch him, I tell him what a bad dog he is for not listening to me. What should I do?

I'm sorry to have to put it this way, but you're the problem, not the dog. First of all, when you yell at the dog for not responding, you are making the problem worse, not better. He is not going to come to you if he thinks he will be scolded. You should never use his name and the word "no" in the same sentence. This will give him negative feelings and he will more than likely not come when called.

You should begin giving your dog basic leash training. As you will see, it is much easier to train your dog to come when he's on a leash. It will keep his attention and he will be less distracted.

Start with a short leash, call his name and give the leash a good tug. When he comes to you, praise him with words of affection. Continue with the leash training, using longer leashes as he becomes more responsive and soon your dog will learn it's a treat to come when you call him.


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