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Question: I have decided to break with tradition and get a dog. I have been a cat owner for many years, but I have recently made the decision to take the leap into dog ownership. I have one question that needs answering. Cats have their own litter-box and cleaning up after them is quick and easy; is it possible to train a dog to use a litter-box?

Answer: It would be great if dogs could be trained to go to the bathroom in the same spot, over and over again. Even if it was in the yard and not a litter-box. However, the truth is, dogs often mark their territory when they go to the bathroom, so it is virtually impossible to get them to pick a spot and stay with it.

I think you should housebreak and train your dog, without the expectation he will be as neat and tidy as your cats. Of course, the good news is he will not be sharpening his claws on the new couch -- so enjoy his barking and count your blessings.


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