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Question:When I picked out my new puppy from a nearby kennel, he seemed to be the least bashful and the most quiet of the litter. I thought I was bringing home a quiet and calm dog. Since the the rascal has been home he has been anything but quiet. Is there any right way to pick out a quiet dog?

Answer:I don't think I have ever seen a puppy that is quiet and calm, except maybe when sleeping. First of all, owning a puppy is always going to be an active time. If he was quiet in the kennel this does not mean the pet is going to be easy to housebreak or train -- perhaps it means he was sad in the kennel and happy at his new home or maybe he can just be quiet on occasion.

Most likely, the dog was scared of you in the kennel -- you being the nosy stranger. You were probably a little quick to judge the dog's personality. When picking a new dog, it is a good idea to spend plenty of time observing the puppies before making a decision. This way, you get a sense of the animal's character traits. A quick glance at the dog, will more than likely mislead you.

Owning a new puppy can be difficult, but give him some time -- he isn't going to be a puppy forever. As he matures he will calm down somewhat, so for the moment, enjoy your dog's childhood.


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