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Red Rubber Ball

This incident occurred shortly after I met my wife. My wife has a wonderful voice and frequently exercises it by singing along with the radio or a CD. On this occasion, she had a Maria Carey CD cranked up and was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed, singing her heart out. Xara, my six year old Rottweiler, who up until this point had been content to sit on the floor and listen, apparently decided my wife was in the mood to play. Grabbing one of her favorite toys - as attested to by healthy layer of slobber - she trotted over to her and with unerring accuracy dropped her "slobber bomb" in my unsuspecting wife's mouth. My wife gagged and laughed it off but spent the next six or seven minutes throughly brushing her teeth. Although Xara is no longer with us, I still get a chuckle whenever I think of this demonstration of an affectionate dog's urge to play.

Tony M
Framingham, MA


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