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Dominos Delivers

My husband had gone on his two week annual training for the Army Reserves about 150 miles from our home. I decided to go and visit him for the night on the middle weekend. My mom usually took care of Jessie, our then four year old yorkie. She was away and I thought Jessie would be all right alone for one night. I left plenty of food, water and toys to keep her occupied for the night and took off. When I returned the next day I had a sinking feeling when I didn't hear her familiar bark. I went into the back yard and sure enough, she was gone. She had somehow gotten out of our six foot privacy fence. I drove around looking for her. I put an ad in the paper. I went to the shelter. I called all of the vets in the area. I even had fliers made and posted them everywhere.

Four terribly long and worry filled days passed with no news. I began looking on the sides of the roads to see if she had been hit. On the fourth day I got a call from the manager of the Dominos Pizza nearest us. He said that if I got some of the fliers to him, he would put them on all of the pizza boxes that went out that night. The fliers went all over the area where we live. Ironically, it was one of the delivery guys that found her. She was about four miles from home, covered in mud and ticks, missing a toenail, and had an awful rash. Gregg (the delivery guy) didn't realize it was the same dog that was on the box until he tried to bathe her the next morning. He noticed the collar that I described on the flier. He called me and I told him her name was Jessie. She responded! I had found my baby! Sometimes people still recognize her as the dog on the pizza box! When Dominos says they deliver, they really mean it!

Veronica C.
Charleston, SC


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