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Dog Stories

Ring of Fire!!

Growing up in New Mexico, My family lived in the country and raised Dauchshunds. One morning I looked out the front window to see a good sized rattlesnake in the yard surrounded by all six of our Dachsies. one dog would distract the snake and another dog would run up and bite it and run away before the snake could turn to strike. I couldn't believe what I was watching -- it seemed that the dogs had been trained to work as a group (though they hadn't). The whole thing ended when one dog ran in and grabbed the snake, whipped her head to the side and sent the snake flying across the yard. Needless to say, that snake somehow managed a hasty retreat, tho I'm sure it was hurt and very dizzy. To this day I have never seen a group of dogs work so well together with no training.

Dayna B.
Oklahoma City, OK


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