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Scaredy Cat!!

My dog is no longer with us, but I still remember this enduring moment like it was yesterday.

"Ginger" was a Pomeranian, a "toy dog" that only grows to about 2 feet tall. I guess because of her size, she has always been afraid of cats. Whenever a cat entered our yard, Ginger would venture a bark, only to turn tail when the cat "hissed" back at her.

One day, while Ginger was standing besides me inside of our house, a cat wandered into our front yard. Ginger made her initial bark from behind a screen door gingerly (no pun intended). Much to her surprise, the cat didn't hiss back, but instead began to run away! Ginger suddenly began a fury of barks, each more resounding then the last. I opened the screen door and Ginger gave chase for a few feet.

I can hardly remember a time I've seen her more happy and proud as she trotted back into the house, triumphant.

Michael L.
Massapequa, NY


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