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Dog Stories

Run Away

My dogs were old and died... and I missed them so much that I didn't want anymore dogs. But one morning about 4 AM my husband went outside to check the greenhouses... there was a little Yorkie there that followed him around, so he brought her into the house... We checked everyone close and no one owned her, so I put a sign on the road...Dog found. It was 6 days before someone stopped and asked about our dog, and sure enough, the dog went crazy when he saw her master. About a week passed and a man came to the door with the little yorkie. He said she had run away everyday and they lived 2 miles from us. He said do you want this dog? She just won't stay with us.So I took the dog and she has never once tried to run away again... We have been adopted !!

Betty P.
Vancouver, Washington


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