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Way to Go Miss Tizzy

Miss Tizzy had been a member of our family for over 16 years. She was a small Sheltie with kind and loving eyes. The trouble began one morning when I was rushing off to teach my fifth grade class. The garage door had been acting crazy, but I never gave it a thought as I backed out my car and began shutting the door with the remote that was in my car. As the car was turning to head out of the drive I saw with terror in my eyes that Miss Tizzy was standing directly under the door. I screamed and honked at her, after trying the remote and it would not reverse the downward process. I quickly jumped out of my car, which continued to move by itself to the road -- in my panic i had not placed it in park, had to chase the car get in and bring it to a stop. Unfortunately by this time Miss Tizzy's hips were squished under the door and she was pitifully whinning. Finally, I reached the switch in the garge and opened the door. when much to my amazement Miss Tizzy walked over to me.... I was so relieved. Our daughter was getting married in a month and many of the younger teachers were coming for dinner [that night] and to help me decorate the bubbles that would be given away during the wedding. Martha Kate heard my story and wanted to see Tizzy. We walked outside and were horrified to see that she was dragging her back legs. I would hardly sleep that evening. I had notified my principal that I had a pet emergency, because I really thought that I would be told to put her to sleep that morning. The vet said that it did not look good and that if she was not standing on all four's within a week, perhaps it would be kinder to put her to sleep. A week passed, two, and no improvement... Another vet said she will never walk. Our entire family was heart broken, especially our daughter that wanted her to be alive during the time of the wedding, it just would't seem right without her... One morning in desperation, I decided to take her and have her put to sleep and spare everyone else. As I had Tizzy in my arms a friend, named Pat called. She asked why i was crying and i told her my plans. She reminded me that their were may handicapped people in this world that had happy lives, and that their could also be handicapped dogs...I had to agree.

The wedding came and went and Tizzy was there through it all to share with us. I heard about wheelchairs for dogs. I investigated and decided that would be the solution. But they wanted me to let them know how she moved when her back legs were off the ground and that IO should place a towel under her back hips and see if she would continue to walk. She would't. But the next day I made a trail of cookies and she did. This gave the the info I needed to send off to K9's, the wheelchair people. The next afternoon I carried her to the garden to watch my husband weeding and watering. She sat in a big flffy patch of clover. The afternoon went on and we ended up in the front with Tizzy in the back. Returning to get her, I called out and apologized for leaving her. She stook on all 4 legs and took 2 wobbly steps...We would't believe it...almost six weeks had passed since the accident. Miss Tizzy got stronger every day, within a week or two she was actually running and playing as always. It was like a miracle to us. We had the pleasure of loving her for one and half more years. She just died this past December. But she will always be a special, loving memory to our entire family.

J. R.
Waco, TX


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