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Dog Stories

Who's the Culprit??

After adopting two seven-week-old puppies from the shelter, an unusual dilemna occurred. Upon returning home from work I would find bed comforters and pillows strewn and chewed to bits all over my yard. Which pup was the culprit?

I installed a camcorder, on a timer, focused on the dog door to put an end to the query. TWO minutes after I left, my Setter/Chow, Ramsay, came flying through the kitchen to the dog door dragging a comforter in her mouth. Ramsay shoved the comforter as much as she could through the dog door, then squeezed her way outside, leaving half the comforter still in the house. She then proceeded to bark at the Doby/Lab, Kenyon, still on the inside, and pulled on the outside part of the comforter. She continued barking at Kenyon and tugging on the comforter till Kenyon began to shove the part still inside through the door! With such team work, they succeeded in getting the comforter completely outside for later ripping to shreds.

Did it end there? Nooooo! Having accomplished that, Ramsay ran back inside and the whole process went on till all the bed pillows were also outside!

How did I cure the problem? Their ten thousand toys in the house, Bitter Apple, etc. did no good whatsoever. Reprimanding was out of the question as I arrived home long after the fact. I resolved the problem by purchasing new comforters and pillows at outlets and waiting for Ramsay to get over it. After six months, twenty new comforters and a couple dozen pillows, I finally returned home to a comforter/pillow free yard!

I now 'hide' old sneakers and sweaters around the house for Ramsay to 'find' and take outside (she gave up chewing them). She still thinks she's pulling the proverbial wool over my eyes.

Kathleen W.
Wellsboro, Pa.


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