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Dog Stories

The Swimmer

One warm day I decided to take my dog down to the local watering hole in the state park where I used to live. She's a yellow lab and loves to swim -- so I let her off her leash and allowed her the glory of being on her own for a nice refreshing swim in the pond. She instantly noticed a duck with her ducklings swimming contently along. She positioned herself and swam as quickly as possible and pursued the ducks. The mother duck, being maternal, broke away from the ducklings (who later swam to an alcove and hid) and kept my dogs attention on her. My dog didn't realize that as close as the duck would let her get, the mother duck would instantly fly a short distance just to be safe -- this went on for an hour. People gathered along the shore to watch this funny display of cat and mouse (knowing the mouse had the upper hand). I began calling and calling her (she ignored me) to come in, fearing she would tire and not be able to swim back on her own (she's an awesome swimmer). So I swam out quit a bit (I'm not an awesome swimmer) and I began to tire and found myself in the middle of this lake amongst pond weeds. I started to panic and called, or screamed rather, to Jesse (my dog). She immediately turned her attention to me and swam over very quickly. She came right up to my face, sniffed me, and as she turned I grabbed hold of her and she pulled me back into shore. I believe to this day she new my second call to her was in panic and she helped get me to shore safely. I'm grateful to her for being such a loving and intelligent dog and family member!

Susan T.
Woburn, MA


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