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Dog Stories

On My Birthday

On my birthday my mom and I (after my basketball game) were going to my aunt's for my party.

We were on our way when we saw a large puppy running down the middle of a busy road.

My mom was worried about the puppy so she pulled the car over and called to it. She came running to my mom. She was so friendly we had to put her in the car and try to find her owner.

We called the veterenarian (she had a rabies tag on her collar) and they gave us the owners address and phone number. They also told us the puppys name was Ashley. We called and the phone had been disconnected. We drove by the house with my uncle and the house was all boarded up and abandoned. We went to a neighbors house and they told us a story about the history of this puppy's owner and that he would leave for months at a time and that the dogs would run away in search for food. Then he would come back months later and get new dogs. We decided to take her home with us until we could decide what to do. We took her to the pound the next day because by law we had to. When nobody claimed her after several days we adobted her. She is the best and sweetest dog you could ever imagine. :^)

Kristen M.
Sterling, MA


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