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When Harry Met Molly

For almost two years, we had neighbors from Portsmouth, England living in the condo next door. We became good friends with these two "limeys" and kept Harry, their West Highland Terrier, when they went on weekend jaunts up and down the east coast. Harry got along just fine with our little cocker/terrier mixed mutt, Molly. On Harry's first visit, he had been in our house for several hours and we figured it was about time for him to take a stroll outside. I kept asking him if he wanted to go for a walk, but he would just cock his head and look as if I was looney. Finally, it occurred to my wife that Harry didn't really understand "Southern" and advised that I say it so he could understand. Having watched quite a lot of Public TV, I put on my best John Cleese accent and asked again. Harry literally jumped up and ran in a circle and headed for the door! We had quite a laugh and so did our British friends when they returned.

Greg F.
Midlothian, VA


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