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The Water Snake

Having read the group work between daschunds, I was reminded of something which happened with our "sausages" as we call them !

It was a hot day right at the start of the summer and we were arranging our pool to start spending those lazy summer days relaxing and swimming off the heat.

Now our pool isn't very recent, having been a birthday present from my father to my mother about 25 years ago, so every year we have to clean it out with a hose and scrub it all down and repaint it.

We were doing just that and I had just turned on the hose, when our group of three sausages noticed the water snake in the pool ! Of course, there wasn't any water snake, it was just the hose spitting out the water which then rushed down the pool in a snake-like way. This did not deter the sausages, who started snapping and biting at the jet of water.

This went on for a bit until one had the bright idea of picking up the "snake" in its mouth. Which it did. Unfortunately the hose turned into her mouth and at this point the water started shooting into her mouth and all she could do was hold on as water poured out everywhere as she struggled to breath and hold onto the snake !

I got the "snake" out of her mouth and she had this wild look in her eyes which clearly showed that she had got much more than she bargained for when she decided to attack the water snake !

Marco P.


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