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Having "Coco" in the Bathtub

I have a little Jack Russell terrier mixed-breed dog named Coco. She just turned a year old and is a very feisty little girl. I had just let her out of the kitchen and she started running up and down the stairs for exercise. When she is confined in the kitchen she gets hungry for exercise. I was in my room and I heard her barking. I thought she wanted to come in, so I opened the door and there was no Coco. When I called for her, she didn't come running as she usually does. I thought 'that's funny;' she's always comes when she hears her name. I went downstairs and asked my dad if she was down there. He said no. Now I started to get nervous. I started looking under beds and other furniture. Because she is so small, she can fit under things. Well, she was nowhere to be found. I'm thinking where could she have gone? How could she have gotten lost in the house. Something told me to look in the bathroom. When I did and I called her name, I heard a whimper. I peeked in the tub and there she was. Coco was so happy to see someone that it made me laugh. Somehow she was able to jump into the tub, but she couldn't get out. That's pretty unusual since she can jump off very high places. When my father asked what I was laughing about, I told him I had just had "Coco" in the bathtub. I don't think she'll go in there for awhile.

Lauren J.
Ridgefield, NJ


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