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Dog Stories

What's His Name?

Two and a half years ago, we adopted an 80 pound Golden Retriever from a local Rescue Group for Goldens located in the Washington DC area. The only thing they knew about him was he was found unclaimed at an animal shelter 150 miles away in a rural area on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Because he was obviously stray for many weeks,and avoided the pitfalls of being alone, we named him "Lucky Dog." We remained curious about his real name and tried about 50 names on him to see if there was a response...there was none.

This is a true story. One evening while watching PBS, the song "Danny Boy" was sung. Lucky jumped up, hair standing on end and yelped for about 5 minutes. After he calmed down, we tried out the name Danny, and ...big response...jumping and yelping with glee!

After much thought, we decided to stick with the name Lucky, because we knew the name Danny took him through some sad times, and wanted him to feel secure in his new life as Lucky Dog. His ears still perk up when he hears the name spoken Danny on television.

Gwen W.
Bethesda, MD


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