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Enough is Enough

A few years back we had a female Basset Hound, she was 3 years old and we had a Newfoundland male who was 6 years old. Even though he was older and much, much, larger, our Basset, Sadie definitely ruled the roost. She was very bossy to our Newf, Bram, and constantly tried to be the top dog over everyone, family members included!! We loved them both very much and were patient with Sadie and hopeful that she would learn to be happy even though she couldn't be the boss.

One afternoon I was in the yard with the two dogs and went to take a stick away from Sadie, I didn't want her to chew it and get wood splinters. Well, of course she didn't like me taking her stick so she began to growl at me. I calmly and firmly told her, "No, no growl...bad", but of course she growled and growled. I was not paying attention to Bram who was across the yard behind me. Suddenly I heard a sound like thunder and looked around. Bram had had enough of Sadie's attitude!! With his fur puffed up and looking HUGE, he charged across the yard, picked up a shocked Sadie by the scruff of her neck and shook her like a wet rag!! Then he dropped her on the ground, snorted as if to say "So, there!" Gave me a kiss and walked calmly over to the back door! I was very proud and amazed that our gentle Newfie who had never in 6 years uttered a single peep, had come to my defense in a very BIG way!

Elizabeth M.


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