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Kye, my adult wolfhound/shepard mix, loves the water so much he opts to swim rather than to ride in my canoe. Some friends and I were out at the lake with Kye and thier 5 month old newfoundland/husky mix, Luna,not long ago.

I was on shore watching the 4 year old boy, while the older children were getting in some paddle practice with the other adult. Kye and Luna decided to swim behind. This was granted as the canoe, for obvious safety reasons,would be kept close to shore.

It was forgotten that Luna was wearing a harness. The puppy got a foot caught while swimming and went under. As I ran toward the water to assist, I called her name to attract her to shore. Her paw disengaged from the harness quickly allowing her to swim freely, but she was scared and continued to swim toward the canoe and her master. Kye swam along side and using his shoulder pushed the puppy toward shore. All is well thanks to Kye's calm reactions. And Luna will not be allowed near the water again in harness.



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