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Be Careful What You Ask For!

My Border Collie, Jake, is one smart cookie, and occasionally he still surprises me. A new friend came to the house the other day, and he greeted her at the door with a big grin. When she said hello to him, he promptly turned, pulled a mitten out of a junk box beside the door, and stuck it in her hand. My friend was somewhat surprised, and said, "Oh! Thank you. Where's the other one?" His ears perked up, he looked at her, and then he turned and stuck his head back in the box. We stood and watched, both a bit amazed that he had reacted to her question. As he rooted around in the box, all we could see of him was his bum and wagging tail. After almost a full minute the tail stopped wagging, and his body went still. Then he backed out, turned, and presented her with the matching mitt!

Sandra G.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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