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From the day we brought our female pomeranian home at 5 weeks old, CoCo loved to play with the ball. At first, we went through dozens of balls until we finally found a small red rubber ball that she couldn't chew up or break.

CoCo loved to play ball so much that she would exhaust us, but it was so cute the way she brought the ball right back for another round that we didn't have the heart to say no. In an effort to curb our end of the exercise session, we began asking CoCo to bring the ball closer. Much to our surprise, she did.

What we soon found was that each time we said closer, she would bring the ball closer to our face. One day I was laying on the floor playing ball with CoCo and, in an effort to see how far she would take this game, I kept saying "closer". By the time she had finished (indicated by her repeatedly placing the ball in the same spot), I was on my back and the ball was on my throat.

As friends and family first played ball with her, they found this to be quite an endearing game. We continue to play the game with her and love every minute of it as much as she does.

Marina R.
Phoenix, AZ


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