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Dog Stories

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My mother has a dog named Scruffy. One day I decided to watch a new tv show, depicting a talking dog named Wishbone. As soon as the theme song ends, Wishbone barks, and the show begins.

Scruffy heard the barking and came in to investigate. She is a very smart dog, and when she saw the puppy on the screen, she sat down to watch. My Grandmother always said Scruffy had a little clock in her, for she knew when I came home from school, and when we would eat dinner. Soon, she also developed a sense about the television. She seems to know when Wishbone, or any other dog show would be on, and then would bark until I put it on for her. She would then watch the entire show.

Whoops! It's almost 4:30. I'v got to put on channel 13 before she starts to bark.

Melissa A.
Brooklyn, N.Y.


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