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Max - Memory Elephant?

I have a very human, black pomeranian named Max. Although only 7 lbs, Max thinks he's a big dog, and doesn't think twice about running up to a great dane to say "Hi!" and then telling him off if he gets too friendly.

One week we were vacationing in a little dorf in Germany, visiting my cousin. On our first walk of the morning, we were startled by a Rottweiler behind an 8 foot fence. Max barked right back, bouncing stiff legged and threating towards the Rottweiler, who was jumping in place, head easily clearing the 8 foot barrier. Each day that week as we came to that house, Max would start his funny little stiff legged bounce, whether the Rottweiler was there or not - you could tell Max looked forward to the "run-in" each day.

One year later, we visited my cousin again. I had forgotten all about our Rottweiler friend until Max started his stiff legged bouncing as we approached that house. The Rottweiler wasn't out, and I was amazed that Max could remember such a distant event - better than I did!

Donali P.
Marietta, GA


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