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Who's My Mommy?

Several years ago, my dog, Peaches, gave birth to nine puppies. I was living with my mother at the time, who also had a female dog, Spunky, who was very shy and passive. After the puppies were old enough to walk around and play in their pen, Peaches didn't spend as much time with them as she did when they were newborn, except to nurse them as needed. At this time Spunky began sleeping in the pen with the puppies, and the puppies, apparently not knowing the difference, tried to nurse on her. This happened so often that Spunky actually began lactating to a small degree, and acting as if the puppies belonged to her. Poor Peaches, when she tried to enter the pen to feed her own puppies, was growled at by shy, passive Spunky and was not allowed near the puppies until we removed Spunky from the pen. We eventually found homes for all the puppies after they were weaned, and Peaches and the wet nurse, Spunky, quickly became friends again.

Sharon D.


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