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Dog Stories

Amazing Nikki

Nikki was a pointer/lab mix pound puppy. She had been badly treated by her original owners, and quickly responded and returned the love and attention that she got from me.

Nikki had only been with me for a couple of weeks when I went to visit my parents, who lived 2 miles away. When I returned home an hour later, Nikki was not in the fenced yard. I searched the entire neighborhood for her, and as I sadly walked back in the door with an empty leash and a heavy heart, the telephone began to ring. It was my Mom... Nikki was at their house waiting on the front steps! The really amazing thing about this was that Nikki had never been there before! I've heard it said that dogs have a sixth sense, and this is a story to prove it!

This was the first of many amazing Nikki adventures. Even though it has been three years since she passed on at the age of 14, I still miss her terribly. I've been around dogs all of my life, and I've never met a dog before or since who was as special as my friend Nikki.

Denise G.


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