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Dog Stories

The Rescue

I have a 8 month old Great Pyrenees named Vast Chein. Me and my friend Jenna were training are dogs to rescue people when no ones with you. She was with her two dogs an Austrailan shepard ,Aussie, and her sheltie, Nenoe,.I was to hold the phone and run hide and yell help.Well the first tries did not work:( So I was walking around upstairs and guess what?I realy hurt my leg!So I yell help me Vastchein help me!! And here comes my horse dog Vastchein running up to me.At this point Im crying my eyes out and laughing at the big white fluff ball wich is beside me.I tell him to take the phone and lead.I put the phone in his mouth and yell lead!So I hold on to his collar and he pulled me down stairs to my chair.I take the phone and praise my big white fluff ball and tell Jenna what happened.

Sugar Hill,GA


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